Monday, July 11, 2011

Biking, in brief (briefs?)

I don't have time to post this but I can't resist. My friend and excellent writer Jay Walljasper envisions a future in which "Bikes will be 'incredibly sexy and utterly normal' "  His point is this:

"So how do we get more Americans to bike? The biggest obstacle right now is that people see bicyclists as an exotic species—macho, ultra-fit, almost entirely young, white and male, clad in Lycra or spandex, who ride like madmen all over city streets. Some of us admire them, some revile them, but most people can't imagine joining their ranks.

Yet, the reality is that most bikers today are ordinary people: office workers commuting, schoolkids going to piano practice or a soccer game, moms with a trailer on the back, grandparents getting exercise."

But -- and you have to follow the link to see the photo -- while riding on his bicycle to the July Fourth fireworks in Minneapolis he encountered an Underwear Bike Ride.

Now, I'm thinking about how incredibly hot it gets in Charlotte in the summertime.  Who'll dare to organize the Charlotte version of a bicycling in briefs event?


tarhoosier said...

Biking in this weather? Not a chance. I have a wife and life insurance to think of.

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