Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New transit rules from the feds, part II

John Muth, chief development officer for the Charlotte Area Transit System confirms that yes, as I speculated in "New transit rules from the feds" yesterday, the rules changes being proposed by the Federal Transit Administration do "cover how fixed guideway projects such as commuter rail, light rail, and bus rapid transit are evaluated for possible federal funding."  He said in an email that he hadn't yet reviewed the notice of proposed rule-making but will do so.

"We will be using most of the time between now and the March 26th deadline to review the guidance, compare notes with others in the industry, and prepare our comments," Muth reports.

The latest news on the Red Line proposal is that the consultants are saying the letter from Norfolk Southern railway is not the final word on the project. Here's a report from DavidsonNews.net.

Interesting tidbit inside that last link: Note that on Feb. 8, Randall O'Toole from the conservative/libertarian Cato Institute is giving a presentation and analysis of the Red Line plan at 9 a.m. at Cornelius Town Hall. That's, er, interesting.


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