Thursday, July 12, 2012

Here's where bike-share stations will be

You've read about Charlotte's new bike-sharing program, (the March article from is here), and my earlier blog items are here and here. It's to be formally announced at noon at The Square, with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina as the key sponsor. The program will have 200 bikes at 20 stations, mostly in uptown and nearby areas, such as South End, Elizabeth Avenue and Johnson C. Smith University.

Here's today's Charlotte Observer article,  and today's less than completely laudatory editorial.

Want to know where the bike-share stations will be? Here's a map, courtesy of the program's main sponsor, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. Click on the image to go to a larger map.

The website, which I direct at UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, will have a longer article later today.


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